Open Letter to MWVTA Membership

We are looking for volunteers for all officer positions for the 2017 season. Daniel and Vicki Joslin will not be continuing in the Secretary/Treasurer position, and some of our other officers may need to change which position they hold, if possible.

Here are some suggestions that have been offered, and your input is appreciated:

  1. Shift some duties and have one (or more) person(s) from each state who can handle sign up & scoring with consistency. Optimally, this requires a group of non-riders willing to take on this job. This would allow the Secretary to focus on the membership & results records.
  2. Assign responsibility for the traditional Saturday potluck to one person from each state, or have the trials masters handle it.
  3. Award trials masters 1st place points for their event, since they are being asked to do more work which impacts their being able to ride their event.
  4. Due to winter weather and logistics, we are going to hold the annual awards presentation at the San Ysidro event March 18-19, 2017.

Please contact John Clement at (719) 494-1199 or at if you are interested in an officer position, have any comments on the above suggestions, or can help in any way. This is YOUR club too!

It’s also time to join, or renew your MWVTA membership. Every membership completed online helps reduce the time spent signing up at events, so we encourage you to use the online membership option.

While MWVTA is growing, we are still a fairly small club and really need all our members to be involved and help where they can. We are looking forward to another great year of riding and friendly competition.

Mountain West Vintage Trials Assoc Officers ~ John C., Dan S., Daniel J., Vicki J., John H.

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