Mt. West Vintage Trials Association was formed in early 2012, with the goal of promoting the sport of Vintage Observed Trials. We are chartered by the International Twin Shock Association (ITSA) as the Western Regional organization, and hold our events in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming with occasional events in Oklahoma and Utah.

Observed motorcycle trials began in the United Kingdom and are among the oldest forms of motorcycle competition. While the top riders of today’s modern trials are exciting to watch, vintage trials is fun competition that recreates those early years and nearly any rider can participate in.

ITSA/MWVTA has classes for all levels of riders, from novice to expert, and for twin shock motorcycle models produced in 1980 and prior. Events are either 2-day or 3-day events. This format provides maximum riding fun with less travel time & costs than holding several 1-day events, along with the camaraderie shared by fellow competitors after a day of riding.

Motorcycles must meet simple requirements – twin shock, air cooled engine and drum brakes – to be eligible for competition. Many of our members enjoy working on and  restoring their motorcycles as much as riding events.

Anyone can ride an ITSA/MWVTA event, however you must be an ITSA member for insurance purposes. Annual membership fees are currently $40 for ITSA and $15 for MWVTA. Event fees are $25 per day for MWVTA/ITSA members or $35 per day if you are not a MWVTA/ITSA member.

Mt. West Vintage Trials Association is organized and governed by dedicated volunteers. Our 2018 officers are:

President – Lance Butler
Vice-President – Dan Straka
Secretary – John Clement
Treasurer – Jean Clement
Insurance/Permits – Paul Smith

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